Monday, July 16, 2012

The new COCA Gallery

Misho's photography and Linda Donohue's Cityscapes

Catherine Mc Cauley's Encaustic Paintings
Group Shot of the Front of the Gallery

Andrzej M. Karwacki's Resin and Acrylic Paintings

Hilla Hueber's Seascapes and Cityscapes

Raymond Difley's Oil Paintings and Katerina Connearney's Charcoal Drawings

Roberta Ahrens'  Botanicals on Cracked Linen

Valerie Scott's Paintings and Mixed Media

Group Shot of the Front of the Gallery

Linda Donohue's Seascapes
Mylette Welche's Acrylic Paintings
Linda Saytes' Acrylic and Oil Paintings
Jennifer Hirshfield's Acrylic Paintings
Misho's Abstract Photography
Wow... the new COCA Art Gallery came together beautifully!

The Friday night opening was a huge success and the artists really worked together to make it all happen . The space was filled to the brim.

The artists in this first showing are Roberta Ahrens, Katerina Connearney, Raymond Difley, Linda Donohue, Hilla Hueber, Jennifer Bec Hirshfield, Andrzej M. Karwacki, Catherine McCauley, Misho, Linda Saytes, Valerie Scott, Mylette Welch.

To stay with our mission in marketing to the home furnishings industry we're planning a cocktail party for Bay Area interior designers on August 15th.

The gallery is open to the public Wednesday-Sunday from 12-5 and is located at 390 Kansas Street two blocks South of the Design Center.

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