Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Learning More About COCA Artist Roberta Ahrens

Born in Roseburg, Oregon, Roberta Ahrens moved to San Francisco in 1981. Roberta  is one of Northern California’s master decorative painters with 30 years experience in the application of classic and contemporary painted finishes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in interior decorative surface treatments, color work and contemporary large-scale botanicals.  

Her long-time practical knowledge of artistic applications and her extensive experience in painting large-scale murals led her to develop her own dazzling, unique style of painting on a canvas that she makes by hand, called cracked linen.  The results are truly breathtaking, adding a depth and presence to her floral subjects. Her work morphs into many styles of interiors... modern, contemporary, cottage, rustic, Mid-century Modern.

All of Roberta’s work is painted on a surface called Cracked Linen, or Linen Wrap. The process for making cracked linen is stretching fabric, then layering several passes of a plaster mixed material. Once dried, the stiff canvas is then cracked. 

She is inspired by past and current interior design, and studying nature. She is constantly photographing flowers and other beauty found in Mother Nature!

Be sure to see Roberta's work in person or at the following websites: